Club racing takes place every Thursday night with registration from 5 to 6pm and racing starting shortly after registration has closed.

You can pre-register online before 3pm on race day here.

Getting Started
BMX racing emphasizes individual performance with a team spirit. BMX racing offers every rider the ability to participate at his/her own pace. No one sits on the bench. There are no coaches deciding who gets to play, every one gets in on the action. BMX racing fosters good sportsmanship, respect for others and their property, courage and determination. BMX racers range from 5-and-under classes (striders) to 51-and-older — so the whole family can race!

Let’s begin by reassuring future BMX racers (and/or parents) about two important things:

BMX racing is no more dangerous than most team sports. Statistically, it is safer than nearly every traditional after-school activity or sport, with the possible exception of Drama Club. You will get a little bit scraped up, but in general the time you spend on a track will be safer than your time on the street.

BMX racing is not dirt cheap to do, but a sensible rider and his/her family can race a complete season for less money than nearly any other non-school-supported sport.

Race Jerseys
You can now order your jersey online via our partnership with Victoria, BC based Pit Board Racing! Choose from short or long sleeved jersey, jacket or pants. And if you are a parent or significant other standing on the sidelines you can also show your support with your very own Pit Shirt.

Prices start from C$49.95 before tax and 10% from each sale comes back to support Pemberton BMX. Order your apparel here.