Sea to Sky Nationals Results

It was a hot weekend of racing in Squamish, both on and off the track, with temperatures in the mid 30s for the recent Sea to Sky Nationals. There were over 750 competitors from all over Canada and also from the central and western United States.

Pemberton BMX had 28 riders competing and for some of our youngest riders it was their first chance at a national level competition. And, while we had some great results there were, unfortunately, a couple of upsets too.

Lucas Cruz (14 year old Expert) and Bendigo Noble (16 year old Expert) both had great results on Friday night. Unfortunately, during racing on Saturday Lucas got gouged in the back by a competitor’s pedal and required multiple stitches and Bendigo had his rear wheel clipped and broke his collar bone while leading.

On the upside there were lots of first place results! Ian Tierney won on Saturday to give him a total of 5 wins at National level  so he moved up to Expert level on the Sunday.  On Sunday it was Graydon Petrie’s chance to take his 5th National win and he did it with style and will be racing at the Expert level for the rest of the season. Sami Teitzel needs one more National win and he too will move up to Expert category.


It is amazing for a track as young as Pemberton’s to have achieved so many expert riders already and it was awesome to see a local track like Squamish host such a major event with such style and professionalism. They have amazing volunteers!

Here are the results:

  • Blake Benns – 5 and under Novice – Friday 1st; Sunday 4th
  • Tayvin Ihaski – 5 and under Novice – Friday 5th, Saturday 2nd
  • Arleigh Kemp – 6 year old Novice – Friday 5th
  • Lochlun Warren – 7-8 year old Mixed Open – Friday 3rd; Sunday 4th
  • Noah Milner – 7 year old Intermediate – Friday 4th; Saturday 6th; Sunday 4th
  • Tannen Desbrisay – 8 year old Novice – Friday 1st; Saturday 1st
  • Travis Benns – 8 year old Intermediate –  Friday 8th; Sunday 4th
  • Sam Tierney – 8 year old Intermediate – Friday 2nd; Sunday 2nd (7-8 year old Mixed Open)
  • Sean McIntosh – 9 year old Intermediate – Friday 4th; Saturday 7th
  • Rebecca Beaton – 10 year old Girls – Friday 7th; Saturday 7th
  • Wyatt Pogson – 10 year old Intermediate – Sunday 3rd
  • Sami Teitzel – 11 year old Intermediate –  Friday 1st; Saturday 1st; Sunday 1st
  • Robbie Tribe – 10 year old Expert – Friday 6th; Saturday 8th & 3rd (Cruiser class); Sunday 6th & 4th (Cruiser class)
  • Tegan Cruz – 10 year old Expert – Friday 2nd; Saturday 1st; Sunday 1st
  • Graydon Petrie – 12 year old Intermediate – Friday 1st; Saturday 1st; Sunday 1st
  • Christopher Beaton – 13 year old Expert – Friday 3rd; Saturday 6th; Sunday 5th
  • Lucas Cruz – 14 year old Expert – Friday 2nd
  • Alonso Perez – 15 year old Intermediate – Friday 1st; Saturday 1st; Sunday 1st
  • Bendigo Noble – 16 year old Expert – Friday 1st
  • Jody Hallet – 36-40 year old Women’s Cruiser – Friday 3rd; Sunday 4th
  • Erin Tierney – 41-45 Women’s Cruiser – Friday 1st; Saturday 1st; Sunday 1st
  • Ian Tierney – 41-45 year old Intermediate – Friday 2nd & 2nd (Cruiser class); Saturday 1st; Sunday 5th (Cruiser class)
  • Steve Petrie – 41-45 year old Expert – Sunday 3rd; Sunday 5th

For a full list of the results please see here from BMX Canada.

Other racers that participated but didn’t make the main events included:

Levi Cruz (age 5), Elliot McInnes (age 5), Rowan Petrie (age 5), Holden Adams (age 5), Henri Teitzel (age 5), Liv Teitzel (age 7), Logan Twiss-Dannigan (age 7) and Tiger Lily Noble (age 14).

Next stop in the national series is Victoria, BC at the end of July while Pemberton is gearing up to host the BC Provincial Championships from 23rd to 25th September!

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